Land Development

  • McDonald's, Frankfort, KY

  • Keeneland, Lexington, KY

  • University of Kentucky Soccer Field, Lexington, KY

You have a vision and a site selected – or several in mind. What’s next? That piece of land must be prepared and developed for your specific purpose. As you move through this process, you’ll encounter a number of critical land development activities.

You may discover environmental factors like wetlands and streams. Transportation-related items like driveway locations and parking for your project are also likely to arise. Local jurisdictions equal local permitting requirements; these will need to be investigated. You may also wish to prepare a public outreach or educational plan to ensure the community knows about your goals. A methodical and knowledgeable approach to each activity can make all the difference.

GRW’s land development professionals will help you through each step. A quick run-down of our services:

Before you break ground, let’s make sure your property is ready to go financially, politically – and ultimately suitable for your envisioned development.

Let’s make sure of your rights to fully use the property.

We’ll help you orchestrate a plan to take your selected land and use it for your chosen purpose.

Each project site comes with a different set of constraints. We’ll work with you to make sure both off-site and on-site infrastructure such as drainage, utilities, and roads are carefully addressed so the rest of your project looks and works properly.

Another upfront step involves taking care to obtain appropriate permits, including paperwork, meetings, and sign offs by various government authorities (health, fire, building, etc.). This will be easier with our knowledgeable team members on your side.

Typically adding another level of complexity, projects located in urban settings must integrate well with existing plans, infrastructure, and cultures.

The more empowered and informed your stakeholders are the better balanced your overall project. We can help you learn more about your options.